Advanced Driving Assistance System

Ultravision ADAS can accurately recognize the distance between vehicles, pedestrian detection, lane departure. and send out timely alarms to effectively prevent accidents from happening.

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

  • Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW)

  • Lane departure warning(LDW)

  • Pedestrian Collison Warning(PCW)

Driver Monitoring System

In the process of driving, Ultravision DMS can capture driver status and issue warnings for dangerous driving behaviors like smoking, phone use, distraction, and fatigue. Help them develop good driving habits.

  • Smoking detection

  • Phonecall detection

  • Yawning detection

  • No driver detection

  • No seat belt detection

  • Camera block detection

  • Distraction drive detection

  • Wear sunglasses detection

  • Fatigue detection

Blind Spot Detection

Ultravision BSD can accurately identify pedestrians and non -motorized vehicles within the range of the vehicle's blind spots, Promptly remind drivers and pedestrians to prevent accidents caused by blind spots.

  • Front BSD,Right Front BSD,Right BSD

  • Left Front BSD,Left BSD

  • Remind drivers to pay attention to pedestrians

  • Remind pedestrians to stay away from vehicles

Automatic Passenger Counting

Ultravision APC accurately counts passengers by analyzing various characteristics such as hairstyle, height, age, and hat type.Providing valuable insights for optimizing bus routes and scheduling.

  • Real time passenger counting

  • Identify different passenger types

  • Identify different scenarios

  • High statistical accuracy

  • Automatically statistical reports

G-sensor Scene Modes
  • Harsh braking warning

  • Harsh acceleration warning

  • Harsh deceleration warning

  • Harsh turn warning

  • Rollover event upload

Face Recognition

Face recognition technology is a sophisticated system that identifies individuals based on their facial features. By analyzing biometric data captured by a camera, such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the nose, and facial contours, it matches this information with the driver's facial data stored in the enterprise database.

Face recognition technology offers a robust solution to prevent vehicle theft and streamline driver attendance processes. Its implementation can significantly improve security measures and operational efficiency within enterprises.



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