Ultravision AI Dash Cams Enhance Cargo and Driver Safety for Indian Freight Company

Ultravision AI Dash Cams Enhance Cargo and Driver Safety for Indian Freight Company

New Delhi, India – March 26, 2024

Ultravision, a leading provider of AI Video Telematics Solutions, today announced the successful deployment of thousands of its S series AI Dash Cams at a major freight company in New Delhi. This deployment underscores Ultravision's commitment to improving safety and reducing accidents in the high-risk global freight market, particularly in regions with complex road conditions and high operating frequencies.

Addressing a Growing Challenge

The global freight industry faces a significant challenge: a rising number of accidents. Complex road networks, demanding operational schedules, and driver fatigue all contribute to this critical issue. Fleet safety has become a top priority for freight operators worldwide, and Ultravision offers a powerful solution.

Ultravision's Lightweight AI Dash Cam Delivers Powerful Results

Ultravision's cutting edge solution leverages the latest lightweight AI dash cam technology. This compact design offers several key advantages:

Powerful AI Active Safety Features: The Ultravision AI Dash Cam boasts a suite of features powered by Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), and a G-sensor. This combination provides real-time alerts and event recordings for dangerous driving behaviors like lane departure, fatigue, speeding, and harsh braking. This data empowers fleet managers to address these issues and cultivate safe driving habits.

【G-sensor scene modes demonstration video】

Enhanced Cargo Security: The solution goes beyond driver safety. Video surveillance capabilities offer real-time visibility into warehouse activity and cargo status even while trucks are in transit, deterring potential theft.

Ease of Deployment: The compact design simplifies large-scale installation across an entire fleet, ensuring rapid implementation and a swift return on investment.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

Despite its compact size, the Ultravision AI Dash Cam is packed with features:

  • 4G connectivity

  • GPS tracking

  • WiFi access

  • Two-way voice intercom

  • Support for up to four video surveillance channels

  • Facial recognition

  • Expandable peripheral interfaces

  • App management

  • One-click SOS alarm

  • Multiple G-sensor scene modes

This comprehensive feature set, combined with ease of installation, has made the Ultravision AI Dash Cam a favorite among customers. Following deployment, the Indian freight company has provided highly positive feedback and evaluations.

Ultravision: Keeping Your Fleet Rolling Safely and Efficiently

Ultravision empowers freight companies to operate safely and efficiently. Contact us today to request a sample or discuss customizing a solution to meet your specific needs.

About Ultravision

Ultravision is a leading provider of AI Video Telematics Solutions. Our innovative solutions leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance fleet safety, optimize operations, and improve driver behavior. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, Ultravision is the partner of choice for businesses worldwide.



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