Ultravision Drives Digitalization of Public Transportation in Brazil

Ultravision Drives Digitalization of Public Transportation in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil – March 21, 2024

We are excited announced the successful implementation of the 3-door bus passenger counter solution in São Paulo, Brazil. This project equips hundreds of buses with Ultravision's customized APC MDVRs, promoting the digitalization of local public transportation, enhancing passenger and driver safety, and improving operational efficiency for bus fleets.

In the project's pre-research phase, the client aimed to achieve real-time boarding and alighting passenger count statistics for all three doors. This data would be uploaded in real-time to a central control center platform, providing valuable insights for optimizing bus routes and scheduling. Additionally, the solution necessitated a 5-channel in-vehicle video surveillance system, with one channel dedicated to Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and another to Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). DMS can capture driver status and issue warnings for dangerous driving behaviors like smoking, phone use, distraction, and fatigue. ADAS provide timely warnings for abnormal vehicle operation, ensuring passenger and driver safety.


The Ultravision Public Transit solution protects the safety of passengers and drivers,   

and improves the efficiency of fleet operations.

Ultravision's R&D team addressed these specific needs through multiple technical seminars, ultimately determining a customized implementation plan. Leveraging our existing APC MDVR solution for 2-door passenger counting, the team conducted secondary development, significantly shortening the project development cycle and saving the client valuable time. Within a month, source code modifications, compilation, software and hardware debugging were completed, followed by rigorous testing to ensure functionality.

Throughout the sample testing and bulk delivery phases, Ultravision's key account manager, Daniel, played a pivotal role in bridging the time difference. He meticulously communicated customer feedback to the R&D team, guaranteeing both effective sample testing and successful bulk project delivery. The client expressed high satisfaction with the final results.


Ultravision dedicated to enhancing safety and operational efficiency for commercial fleets. To learn more about our industry solutions or discuss customized project requirements, Please contact us.



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