Ultravision at intersec 2024

Ultravision at intersec 2024

Dubai, UAE – January 19, 2024

Ultravision, a leading provider of AI-powered video telematics solutions, showcased its latest innovations at the intersec exhibition in Dubai from January 16-18. Our booth attracted a large crowd of fleet managers interested in its innovative AI dash cams, cutting-edge vehicle cameras, and industry-leading solutions.

The booth featured a wide range of products, including AI dash cams, AI MDVRs, and vehicle cameras. These products are designed to provide the most advanced vehicle safety protection, using AI technology to enhance the protection of drivers, passengers, and cargo.

During the exhibition, Ultravision held in-depth discussions with local fleet safety experts. The experts were impressed with Ultravision’s technology, which they said has the potential to revolutionize fleet safety. They believe that Ultravision's technology can significantly improve road safety and reduce accident risk.

In addition to meeting with fleet safety experts, Ultravision CEO Frank also met with potential partners. He discussed Ultravision’s vision and future direction with them, and invited them to join Ultravision to help advance fleet safety technology.

Frank said, “We believe that through close collaboration with all stakeholders, we can create safer roads and make people’s lives better. Ultravision looks forward to working with all partners to make a greater contribution to future road safety.”

The intersec exhibition provided Ultravision with a platform to showcase its latest technologies and solutions, and further strengthened its presence in the Middle East. In the future, Ultravision will continue to develop more advanced AI video telematics hardware products to contribute to global road safety.

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