Ultravision APC System Improves Public Transport Efficiency and Safety in Mexico

Ultravision APC System Improves Public Transport Efficiency and Safety in Mexico

Mexico – January 25, 2024

We are excited announced that a local public transport operator in Mexico has installed hundreds of Ultravision APC(Automated Passenger Counter) systems. The systems, combined with the CMSV6 platform, provide real-time four-channel in-vehicle video monitoring and two-channel passenger flow dynamic statistics. The project aims to improve the efficiency and safety of public transportation in Mexico.

Public buses are a vital means of transportation for people on a daily basis, and their operational efficiency and safety are always of great concern.

Ultravision's innovative integration of MDVR systems and passenger counter systems, combined with GPS location information and passenger flow statistics data, provides operators with data support for route optimization.   passenger flow statistics data can provide valuable data for advertisers to make informed decisions, thus increasing operator advertising revenue. By comparing the number of tickets sold with the number of people counted, operators can optimize their ticketing systems, reduce losses, and effectively prevent fare evasion.

In addition, Real-time video monitoring and GPS tracking provide critical evidence for theft and fraudulent accident claims. The two-way voice communication function allows drivers and control centers to communicate in real time, improving the efficiency of handling emergency incidents.

The operator stated that it will further expand the installation of APC systems in the future, thereby improving operational efficiency and ensuring the safety of passengers, drivers, and vehicles to the greatest extent.

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