Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) Systems

Automatic Passenger

Counting (APC) Systems

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1. What is APC?   

APC stands for Automatic Passenger Counting. It's an electronic device available for installation on transit vehicles including buses and rail vehicles which accurately records boarding and alighting data. (Source: TransitWiki by UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies)

2. APC Technologies

Most APC systems rely on sensors or machine vision technology. Here are the five main categories:

● Infrared sensors

● Treadle mat sensors

● Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems

● Optical sensors (OPS)

● Vision-based solutions

3. Where are APC Systems Used?

APC systems are widely used in busy public transportation systems, including: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)、Subways、Light rail、Trains、Ferries、Cable cars and Large shopping malls.

4. Benefits of APC Systems

Automatic passenger counting offers valuable insights for managing, scheduling, and planning public transportation:

Improved Passenger Flow Analysis: Provides comprehensive data on passenger flow across routes, vehicles, trips, and stations. This data helps optimize scheduling and route planning.

Data-Driven Demand Understanding: Analyzes passenger flow patterns at different times, providing a clear picture of demand distribution.

Optimized Boarding and Alighting: Helps reduce dwell time and congestion at stations by optimizing passenger boarding and alighting processes. This leads to a smoother travel experience.

Customer-Centric Operations: Enables data-driven decisions to improve service quality based on actual passenger needs.

Informed Advertising Decisions: Provides valuable data for advertisers to target their campaigns effectively, increasing revenue for transit operators.

5. The Ultravision APC System for Buses

The Ultravision APC system is an innovative AI-powered machine vision solution designed for public buses by Ultravision. It boasts several key features:

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • High Integration

  • Highly Accurate Counting (up to 98%)

  • Data Traceability and Visualization

The system consists of two main parts: the APC MDVR (mobile digital video recorder) and the APC camera. The camera uses infrared LEDs for operation in various lighting conditions.

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Simple Installation and Intelligent Counting

  • APC cameras are mounted above bus doors.

  • AI algorithms analyze various human characteristics like hairstyles, age, height, and hats to ensure accurate passenger counting.

  • The system automatically distinguishes between boarding, alighting, and passengers turning back.   It also keeps track of the remaining number of passengers on bus.

  • The system resets automatically after a set time.

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Versatility and Verifiability

  • The Ultravision APC system is capable of handling a variety of scenarios, including single-person unidirectional boarding/alighting, bidirectional boarding/alighting, bidirectional crowd boarding/alighting, and dynamic statistics across multiple doors.

  • With a 98% accuracy rate, the system provides real-time automatic passenger counting.

  • Uniquely, it allows verification of all results by reviewing the corresponding video recordings.

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Accuracy statistics of Ultravision APC system
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Comprehensive Data and Reporting

The Ultravision APC system offers a robust suite of platform reports, including:

  • Date and time stamps

  • Number of passengers boarding and alighting at each station

  • Passenger flow statistics video

  • Vehicle GPS location information

  • Vehicle driving speed

  • Vehicle alarm information

This data empowers users to conduct detailed statistical analyses for future improvements.

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Automatic Station Matching: Passenger counts are automatically matched with corresponding stations, generating reports simultaneously.

Customizable Reports: Users can define report categories, types, and names based on their specific needs.

Scalability and Additional Features

The Ultravision APC system currently supports automatic passenger counting for up to 3 doors. Additionally, the APC MDVR offers Multi-channel high-definition video surveillance、Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)、Driver monitoring systems (DMS)、Blind spot detection (BSD) and other active safety features.

The system can also be expanded to connect with various functional hardware like OBD (on-board diagnostics) systems, oil sensors, RFID readers, bus stop announcer , and advertising screens.

Meeting Your Specific Needs

The optimal system configuration depends on your specific data collection needs and how you plan to use the data. Ultravision provides technical support and customizes solutions to meet your requirements, whether it's integrating with existing systems, developing innovative applications using the data, or connecting to traffic management department back offices and other compliance requirements.

Learn more about successful cases of Ultravision APC system:

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